The Hoosier Moms Cohort

Study Overview

The purpose of this study is to better understand how Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM, high blood sugar in pregnancy) develops. We hope to understand the differences between women who are diagnosed with GDM and those who are not. Another purpose is to understand how GDM can progress to Type 2 Diabetes after the baby is born. We also hope to learn about infants born to mothers with GDM compare to infants born to mothers not diagnosed with GDM.

Study Description

As part of Indiana University Grand Challenges Precision Health Initiative Diabetes Team, this prospective cohort study seeks to better understand and identify differences in women who develop gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) between those who don't.

Participants will be asked to come for up to 5 in person visits; three during pregnancy and two after you deliver your baby.  At these visits, participants will be asked to provide blood and urine, answer questions about their pregnancy and health, and take surveys.  Participants will be given an activity monitor to wear (like a Fitbit) and will be asked to download a nutrition app to take photos of what they eat.

Additional Information:

Participants will be compensated for their participation.

Research Study Identifier: TX9361 Identifier: NCT1808964513
Principal Investigator: David Haas, MD

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