Study Overview

DID YOU KNOW?... An epidemic of chronic kidney disease is occurring in laborers who undertake physical work outdoors in hot conditions. The reason for this is unknown, but may be related to changes in kidney function due to increases in body temperature and dehydration.
The current National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) heat stress or hydration recommendations for workers were not developed with regards for kidney health. That is why researchers in the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University-Bloomington are investigating the effect of occupational heat stress recommendations on kidney health.
Your participation will help researchers determine if the warm conditions regularly encountered by workers affect kidney function and if the current heat stress recommendations protect workers against the risk of kidney dysfunction.

Study Description

Who is Eligible
  • Adults ages 18-44
  • If female, must not be pregnant or breast-feeding
  • No current or history of any renal disease, heart disease, stroke, immune or autoimmune disease, and/or gastrointestinal disease/surgery
  • Must be physically active and in good overall health
  • Must be willing to travel to Indiana University-Bloomington campus for study visits
What is Involved
Study participation involves six visits over the course of 6 weeks to the Human Performance Laboratories in the IU School of Public Health in Bloomington, IN:
  • Visit 1 (1.5 hours): Initial screening visit to determine eligibility
  • Visits 2-6 (9 hours total per visit): These visits will be split across two days in the laboratory (see below).  
  • Day 1: 7.5 hour visit that includes exercise in a warm environment for 4 hours (i.e., walking on a treadmill)
  • Day 2: 1.5 hour follow-up approximately 24 hours following the start of the previous day  
  • Blood and urine will be collected on a few occasions during each visit to the laboratory.
  • Total participation time is approx. 46.5 hours.
  • Participants will be compensated $15 per hour their time (total compensation following completion of all laboratory visits is ~$700).
If you would like to participate in this study, please submit your information using the provided form below.  You may also reach out Richara Logan, Research Recruitment Coordinator, at (317) 274-3740 or email:

Additional Information

Study Title:  Renal considerations in the heat stress and hydration recommendations (Aim 1)

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