Study Overview

Researchers at Indiana University are looking for current and frequent cannabis users to take part in a study involving clinical interviews, questionnaires, and a cognitive task.

Study Description

What Is Involved?
Study participation will consist of two independent sessions:
Session One (approx. 30 minutes-1½ hours)
  • Structured interview about your past mental health
  • Demographic questionnaires
  • Self-report questionnaires pertaining to personality, emotional, and behavioral challenges
Session Two (approx. 2 hours)
  • A urine drug screen
  • A cognitive task
  • Heart rate and skin conductance measurement
  • Eight (8) saliva samples
  • Three self-report questionnaires
All visits will take place in-person at the IUPUI Health Sciences Building in Indianapolis, IN and will take between 2½ - 4 hours total.
Participants will be paid $12 per hour of participation and can earn $25-35 total for completing all study tasks.
Who Is Eligible?
·       Adults between 18-40 years of age
·       Frequent, chronic cannabis users (use at least 3 times per week for 6 months)
·       Speak/read/write in English as your first language
·       Have normal or corrected-to-normal hearing and vision
·       Have successfully completed high school
·       Are in overall good physical health
·       Do not have current (at least 6 months) psychiatric illness

Additional Information

INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING? Please email with the subject line “Cognitive Task Study,” and include the following information:
1.       Name
2.       Times/day for a 10-minute preliminary phone interview to determine eligibility
You may also contact the study team directly at (317) 278-3455

  • IRB Number: 1902373909 CU
  • Research Study Identifier: TX10405
  • Principal Investigator: William Hetrick

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