Quantifying the Importance of Phase for Individuals with Hearing Impairments

Study Overview

The purpose of this study is to rate the quality of multiple speech signals that are contained in noise at different noise levels.

Study Description

Listening experiments will be conducted in which hearing-impaired listeners will provide subjective ratings on the perceived quality of a large number of speech samples, drawn from multiple widely adopted corpora. Under separate conditions, the test speech will be either corrupted with various types of background noises or presented in reverberant acoustical environments. Moreover, various degrees of phase manipulations will be introduced to the stimuli. All stimuli will be presented to the hearing-impaired listeners via a simulated hearing aid configured using the standard clinical prescription procedure. A group of normal-hearing listeners will also be included as a control group. How subjective ratings vary with the phase manipulation will be investigating and whether the effect of phase manipulation interacts with other stimulus parameters (e.g.,~signal-to-noise ratio, reverberation time) or listener characteristics (e.g.,~age, degree of hearing loss) will be examined. The benefits of phase to hearing-impaired listeners are not understood. Learning how phase impacts hearing-impaired listeners, and incorporating their evaluations of speech into the development process, would alleviate one of the major problems associated with hearing aids.

  • IRB Number: 1908328868
  • Research Study Identifier: TX10553
  • Principal Investigator: Donald Williamson

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