Study Looking at the Impact of Discrimination on Mental Health in Adults Needs Volunteers!

Study Overview

DID YOU KNOW?... Over half of Black people report facing recent discrimination, with many stating that it occurs on a weekly basis. Perceived discrimination has been linked to social impairments such as, poor social relatedness, maladaptive social adjustment and difficulties building friendships. Black individuals with severe mental illness may be even more vulnerable to these types of effects.

That is why researchers at Indiana University are looking for adults to take part in a study on assessing discrimination in people with and without serious mental illness.
Your participation will help researchers examine pathways in which discrimination can impact Black and White populations and determine how stigma and discrimination intersect with severe mental illnesses (e.g., schizophrenia, schizoaffective, and bipolar disorder).

Study Description

Who is Eligible
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Speak English fluently
  • No current or previous diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability
  • No previous history or current psychotic symptoms (e.g., visual or auditory hallucinations)
What is Involved
  • Participate in an online survey (approx. 45-60 minutes) 
  • Complete a series of tasks, including viewing images, writing a brief narrative, and questionnaires 
  • Must have an email address for the study link
  • The study is conducted remotely (online) and can be completed at a time that works best for you
  • Participants will receive compensation for completing all of the study requirements
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS STUDY, please reach out to the study team directly by sending us a message via iconnect, email us at, or contact Dr. Kyle Minor at (317) 274-4858 

  • IRB Number: 2007857637
  • Research Study Identifier: TX11226
  • Principal Investigator: Kyle Minor

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