Executive Functioning and Speech Language Skills in Cochlear Implant Users: The Hearing-Executive Function-Language-Learning Outcomes (HELLO) Project

Study Overview

For this study, we are looking for Healthy Volunteers with Normal Hearing, as well as volunteers who use Cochlear Implants!
We call this new study the HELLO Study. HELLO stands for Hearing, Executive Function, Language and Learning Outcomes. The purpose of this study is to better understand how children with hearing loss develop spoken language skills and executive functioning, such as paying attention, remembering things, and staying focused. The new findings from this project will help clinicians and  researchers better understand, explain, and predict the individual differences in speech-language outcomes and ultimately improve these outcomes following cochlear implantation. We also need volunteers who do not have hearing loss as control participants. 

Study Description

The testing for this study is completed at Riley Hospital in one testing visit that takes about 3 hours. There will be between 1 - 4 visits total, depending on the participant's age. The participant works with a Speech-Language Pathologist who administers a series of language tests which involve things like naming pictures, pointing to objects, and repeating words or sentences. Testing will also include game-like tasks of mental abilities, like memory, attention and concentration, in which the child will be asked to point to objects, remember words or pictures and put items in order. We also ask the parents to fill out some questionnaires.
After testing, parents will be sent a summary of the scores on the standardized language and neurocognitive test measures. Participants will also receive a check in the mail for $30/hour for their time spent in testing, as well as their round-trip travel time to Riley. Parking at Riley will be validated. 

Additional Information

Participants will be paid $30/hour for their participation, including testing time, as well as round-trip travel time. 

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