Study Overview

DID YOU KNOW?.... People of African ancestry who have high blood pressure are more likely to develop serious kidney problems?
Certain genes can increase the risk for kidney disease and kidney failure, while others can affect whether some commonly used blood pressure medications work well or cause side effects.  Researchers at Indiana University want to find out if a genetic test can help improve blood pressure in people who have controlled or uncontrolled high blood pressure. 
Your participation will help researchers to learn more about how people and their healthcare providers respond to getting the results of genetic tests related to their blood pressure.

Study Description

What is Involved
  • Attend 3 in-person study visits over a 6-month period
  • Blood pressure measurements will be taken at each visit
  • Complete questionnaires, including family and medical history
  • Provide blood or saliva for genetic testing
Who is Eligible
  • Ages 18-70
  • African American, Black, or have African ancestry
  • Have high blood pressure or hypertension (either controlled or uncontrolled)
Participants will receive the results of their genetic tests and will also be compensated for their time.

  • IRB Number: 1910564071
  • Research Study Identifier: TX11361
  • Principal Investigator: Michael Eadon, MD

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