Children Needed for Autism Early Development Study!

Study Overview

Do you have a 3-30 month old AND a child with Autism?
Researchers at Purdue University are studying early development of younger siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder.
Our goal is to learn how to better measure child development by empowering parents and making research accessible by eliminating the need to travel to a laboratory.  

Study Description

Who is Eligible
You and your child may be be eligible for this study if:
  • Your child is 3-30 months old
  • Your child has an older sibling diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder
  • English is the primary language spoken in your home
What is Involved
The study can be done entirely from your home and includes the following activities:
  • Online survey (~1 hour)
  • Phone interview (~1 hour)
  • Telehealth-based play session (~2 hours)
  • Day-long audio recording of your child’s vocalizations using a child-friendly vest
  • You would receive a $55 Amazon gift card and a brief report of your child’s developmental skills for your time.
**IF YOU AND YOUR CHILD ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS STUDY, please submit your information using the provided form below.
**You may also reach out to the study team directly by contacting Lisa at and we will follow up with additional questions to verify your family’s eligibility. If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our research team directly by phone at 765-494-3667 or by email at

Additional Information

Study Title:  Neurodevelopmental Natural History Study

  • IRB Number: 1811021381 (PURDUE)
  • Research Study Identifier: TX11408
  • Principal Investigator: Bridgette Kelleher

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