Study Overview

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine and the Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health are looking for adults ages 18-30 to take part in a study examining the changes in the amounts of certain chemicals in the blood in response to different types of exercise testing.

Study Description

Who is Eligible
  • Adults ages 18 to 30
  • Weight is 110 lbs or more
  • Untrained (less than 3 hours of low to moderate intensity exercise per week)
  • Not currently taking any medications (if taking supplements or vitamins, participants will be asked to discontinue them a few days before study visits that include exercise)
  • No major limits in mobility that would prevent exercising
  • No history of metabolic, neuromuscular or cardiovascular disease (e.g. type I / type II diabetes, thyroid disorders, back / spine issues, high blood pressure, heart, kidney, liver or lung disease etc.)
What is Involved
  • Attend 5 study visits at the Clinical Research Center on IUPUI campus in Indianapolis
  • During study visits, participants will be asked to perform exercises and have blood samples collected before, during and after the exercise session
  • Visit 1 involves obtaining consent, screening, collecting health information and becoming familiar with the exercise equipment and schedule
  • Visits 2 and 4 involve exercise and blood draws. Visits 3 and 5 will be blood draws
  • The study will take about two months
  • You will also be asked to co-enroll in another exercise testing study
  • Participants will receive up to $200 in the form of a gift card or check for completing all of the study requirements
  • Parking vouchers will also be provided
How to Participate
**IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THIS STUDY, please submit your information using the contact form below.
**You may also reach out to the study team directly by contacting Charalampos Lyssikatos, MD at or (317)-278-2565
Study Title: Aminobutyric acids, myokines and other metabolites during exercise, a pilot study

  • IRB Number: 13407
  • Research Study Identifier: TX11451
  • Principal Investigator: Lynda Bonewald

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