Families with Young Children Needed for Language Study!

Study Overview

Researchers at Purdue University are inviting families with toddlers (18 months or younger) to join a study exploring how children learn language over time. 
We plan to follow families as their children grow from 18 months to four years old.  Families who take part will help us learn about the many ways children can succeed at language learning.  We want to improve how we identify which children should receive additional support before school.

Study Description

Who can participate?
Families with a child 18 months or younger who is:
  • Learning English at home
  • Has normal hearing and vision
  • Does not have any diagnosed cognitive or neurological issues (such as Fragile X., ASD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI))
What's Involved?
  • Online surveys every 3 months
  • In-person visits every 6 months at your choice of location - Indianapolis or West Lafayette/Purdue campus
  • Visits include caregiver and child participation
  • Visits will be scheduled at a convenient time for you
Why Participate and Compensation
Families can consult with a Speech-Language Pathologist about their child's language development.  They will learn about their child's language skills over time, and contribute valuable information that can help children and families in the future!
  • Participants will receive up to $450 for completing the whole study
  • Additional compensation up to $120 for completing optional, extra parts of the study
  • Free parking is available at study sites
How to Participate
If you're interested in participating in our study, please submit your information using the contact form below.
You may also reach out to the study team directly at llamalab@purdue.edu or call (765)-496-7547 (Indianapolis) or (765)-496-0427 (Purdue).

Additional Information

Study Title: Lexico-semantic processing in language growth and delay

  • IRB Number: IRB-2020-1025
  • Research Study Identifier: TX11474
  • Principal Investigator: Arielle Borovsky

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