Human Alcohol Seeking Despite Aversion

Study Overview

The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the response to visual (images) and/or auditory (sound) stimuli and alcohol related behavior.

Study Description

Severe alcohol use disorders are extremely difficult to treat. This may be in part because the individual is no longer responding to the negative consequences of drinking on his or her health, family and social life, and employment. An objective laboratory measure of aversion resistant drinking (ARD) would facilitate a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease progression.
We propose to test a laboratory measure of alcohol seeking despite aversion (SDA) that may be used as an early marker of ARD in humans. Our preliminary data have shown that behavior in the SDA model is related to lifetime alcohol exposure and to alcohol use disorder (AUD) risk factors and phenotypes, and reflects alterations in brain function.

Additional Information:

Participants will be paid for their participation.

Research Study Identifier: TX8351 Identifier: NCT1709318986
Principal Investigator: Martin Plawecki, MD

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