T2 Protect AD: Troriluzole Trial (T2) for Alzheimer's Disease

Study Overview

T2 Protect AD is a clinical trial testing the investigational drug troriluzole in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
The study is designed to determine whether this new drug can protect against, slow down, or potentially improve memory and thinking problems that increase as Alzheimer’s disease progresses.
Troriluzole is a drug that affects a chemical in the brain called glutamate. Problems with glutamate in the brain can affect nerve health and communication and may lead to nerve cell death. Nerve cell death leads to diseases, including Alzheimer’s.
Troriluzole may be beneficial to people with early Alzheimer’s disease by improving symptoms and/or slowing the progression of the disease.
The study is being conducted by Dr. Farlow/Indiana University. Study visits take place at Goodman Hall at the IU Health Neuroscience Center in Indianapolis.  This study is sponsored by Biohaven Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

Study Description

Participation in the study will take 48 weeks.  A potential participant will first go through a screening process to see if they are eligible to take part in the clinical trial. 
Screening includes:  
• Memory and thinking tests 
• EKGs (a look at your heart rhythms) 
• MRI scans (a picture of your brain that shows changes related to Alzheimer’s disease)
Basic Eligibility Criteria
• Women and men aged 50-85 years old
• Diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease 
• Taking Alzheimer’s medication(s) for at least three months:   
      • Donepezil/Aricept® or rivastigmine/Exelon® or galantamine/Razadyne® 
      • With or without memantine/ Namenda®  
• Living in the community (not in a residential nursing home) 
• Must have a study partner who knows the participant well and can come to study visits
• Willing to participate in the T2 Study for 48 weeks

Additional Information

There will be no charge to you for your participation in this study.  The study drug, study-related procedures, and study visits will be provided at no charge to you or your insurance company.

For your time and inconvenience related to your participation in this study, you will be paid up to a total of $675 if you complete this study.  If you do not complete the study, for any reason, you will be paid for the study visits you do complete according to the following schedule: $75 for each completed study visit.  You will be paid by check for each completed visit. 

You will receive complimentary parking at each clinic visit.

  • IRB Number: 1805599086
  • Research Study Identifier: TX9405
  • Principal Investigator: Martin Farlow, MD

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