Mediterranean Diet and Health Study

Study Overview

The overall aim of this study is to evaluate whether a Mediterranean diet rich in pasta and other starchy foods with a low glycemic response (Low-GI), as compared with a similar Mediterranean diet containing very little pasta and based on starchy foods with a high glycemic response (Hi-GI) is able to reduce insulin and glucose concentrations during a prolonged test study meal.

Study Description

You will be asked to participate in a weight maintenance study using a prescribed menu and group specific diet plans for a period of 15 weeks and after a 12 week wash out period, answer some follow up questions.  

Additional Information:

Participants will receive a total stipend of $600 for completion of all study procedures. If someone chooses to terminate participation prior to the end of the study, partial payment will be provided based on the length of their participation (payment will be pro-rated for each week of the study completed).
There will be no added cost to you for participating in this study. Additionally, we will provide subjects with all foods during the interventions. We will ask that subjects eat only the prescribed diet. We will be using an online service. We will place the order for subjects online, we will pay for the food, and subjects will need to pick up the food at a designated Pay Less Supermarket. The food order will be delivered to their car.

Research Study Identifier: NCT0341071 Identifier: NCT1610018310 (PURDUE)
Principal Investigator: Wayne Campbell

Currently Recruiting

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