Study Overview

DID YOU KNOW?... The number of children developing autism in the US is increasing and about 1 in 45 children are diagnosed.

While autism tends to run in families, little is known as to why a child develops autism. 
Environmental factors such as nutrition, parental age, lifestyle, illnesses, and chemical exposures may increase the risk of autism. Several animal studies found that exposures during pregnancy were associated with multi-generational diseases.
We are looking for parents and children with and without autism to see if epigenetic changes (changes in gene expression) can be found to be associated with autism.  We hope to identify a biological marker to better predict autism risk and patterns of heritability. 

Study Description

Who is Eligible?
  • Mother, father and their biological child who has autism and is 1-6 years old
  • Mother, father and their biological child who does not have autism and is 1-6 years old 
What is Involved?
  1. Collection of a cheek swab, one from mother, father and child
  2. Optionally, the father may also collect a sperm sample to help us better understand heritability
  3. Completion of an online questionnaire, one from mother and father
Is Compensation Provided?  
              Compensation will be provided for your family's time and effort between $25-$75.

Additional Information

Families who have a child without Autism will be matched to families who have a child with Autism. 
Characteristics that will be matched include the child's age, race, ethnicity, and gender.

  • IRB Number: 1702290140
  • Research Study Identifier: TX8065
  • Principal Investigator: Paul Winchester, MD

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