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Evaluation of the dose response of baking soda in fluoride dentifrice in neutralizing the plaque pH response associated with a sucrose challenge

Study Overview

This research is being done to help determine if, and how much, baking soda in toothpaste reduces the pH level (acid) in dental plaque, when the mouth is exposed to a sugar rinse.

Study Description

The purpose of this study is to determine if, and how much, baking soda in toothpaste is necessary to reduce acid formed in dental plaque in the mouth after a sugar rinse (referred to as the pH level). We are specifically looking at how the baking soda level in different toothpastes affects the pH level of plaque collected from the teeth after the subject has rinsed with a sucrose (sugar) rinse.

Research Study Identifier: TX8612 Identifier: NCT1801790870
Principal Investigator: Domenick Zero, DDS, MS

Not Recruiting

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